Web Design

Web Design

Do you need a website?
Is your current website in need of updating?
Is your website lacking a professional look and feel?
Are you ‘hand cranking’ your content?
Does your site look different on different browsers?

If so maybe I can help!

My general premise is to empower the end user… I know that sounds like a marketing line, and it is to a certain extent, however, I do truly believe this. You probably don’t want to speak to a web designer every time you want to add, remove or change content. Even to change the basic look of the site, most people can do this themselves and I’m more than happy to show you how, it’s really very simple.

All my sites have a CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) this controls the look of the entire site in one file, change this and the whole site changes, it controls the colours, the fonts and their sizes etc etc. So if you want to change the colour of a heading style, change it in the CSS and the whole site will update for you. If you decide you want the site to be in Arial font as opposed to Times New Roman, change it in the style sheet and the whole site will change.

I write my sites in PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor). PHP allows for dynamic content, so for example, if you add or amend a stock item you will only have to add the detail of that single item which will then get integrated automatically into the rest of your site. PHP can also create on-the-fly thumbnails of images so you don’t have to spend time creating thumbnails and uploading them as well as full size images. You can also create a single file for your menus and the rest of the pages will include the menu, so if you change the menu, you change the menu on all the pages.

Anyway, I don’t want to bog you down in techy details as you’re probably not really that interested. You just want a site that is clean, easy to navigate and easy to update. I can do this for you.

– I can design you a website from scratch or update an existing design.
– All the pages I create will be W3C compliant and therefore work and look the same on all W3C browsers (internet explorer, firefox, mozilla, opera etc).
– I will optimise images to improve page load times.
– I will design background images, button images and any design content necessary.
– I will not use technology for the sake of using technology.
– I’m cheap! I work on a mates rates! £12 per hour. I have no set up fees, no additional costs.

Oh, and once the site is done, YOU own all the artwork and source code I have created for you. So if you thought I was a horrible person you can take my code to another web designer and never use me again!

Why not contact me and we’ll have a chat.

Cheers, Rob.