Bit of a redesign to the site, think everything is working fine now.

Also I’ve created a new mySpace which is where I’ve moved some of my music to, the creation of this is to try and get a band together, nothing serious but playing gigs is fun!
Anyway, if you’re feeling bored you could head over to VelcroFly Music and have a listen to the demos, apologies for the crap singing… but hey… I can’t sing!


Downloads working again.


Downloads busted again… my hosting site keeps changing the way they display folders so the PHP keeps falling over… I’ll try and sort it over the next couple of days.


Site redesign has not moved since the last news update… hence it still looking a bit crap… However, downloads are working again! I didn’t realise they were actually broken for ages until a few people pointed it out to me… Sorry.

And I’ve started my own blog thing… If you feel the urge you can check it out here


Another slight site redesign… You may notice a few bits and pieces not working for a while as I sort everything out!
Everything should be up and running again soon though.


Blood screensaver updated V1.1.


Just a quickie… Droplet download is back due to popular demand!


The first news item of 2006!

Happy New Year!!!
Alien Breed: The Alien Breed download is back due to popular demand however I’ve removed the Alien Breed section of the site as it was just out of date and tired, it wasn’t telling you anything new so it seems pointless keeping it. Any Alien Breed news will be appearing here with all the other stuff I ramble on about.

Helicopter: I’ve added my latest play thing into my games section, basically it’s a helicopter go round shoot things game. Anyway, more about it in the games section if you’re interested.

Anyway… Give me a shout if you’ve got any ideas about this site, I’m getting a bit bored of it so I think I might have give it a face lift (again)… new year and all!?!


Just added a new section… well… moved a section at least.

The models section in the stuff area was getting a bit over-crowded so I’ve moved all of my models to their own area, this allows me to split the models out into categories too. I will get round to writing some text for them soon.


R Tape loading error, 0:1

Out of space… Deleted most of the downloads.

And quite frankly, can’t really see the point of keeping them up there, I’ve had over 6000 downloads and received all of one donation and around 10 emails saying positive stuff and 100s of emails basically slagging me off for not finishing stuff. So… Bugger it.


Uploaded the unfinished version of my remake of carrier command… Get it from the downloads section. I’m never going to finish it but I’ve had so many emails asking about it I thought I’d share what I’ve done so far. Instructions are in the zip.


No news is good news…

Well, I got married on the 27th August and we’re just back from our honeymoon…. Back to work on Monday, oh well!

Basically I’ve done bugger all over the past few months (in the grander scheme of things) so I’ll be trying to get some more stuff completed, I’ve got a little project in the pipeline that should be good, not going to say any more about that until I’ve got something to show.

When I get a few minutes I’m going to put a couple more downloads up, I’ve got a few bits and pieces dotted around my computer that have been gathering dust for way too long so I may as well just share them, nothing too exciting but at least it’s more freebees.


Just finished another Petulas remix, this track is ‘So Small’. I was trying to work out the chords and ended up playing ‘The Walk’ by The Cure over the top and suprisingly it fitted… So I chopped up the Everything Mix from Mixed Up, time stretched it, bent it, twisted it and put Scotts vocals over the top… The result… Well… It’s interesting… and it’s in the downloads section!

I amaze myself how I waste my time sometimes!


Would you look at that, two bits of news in two days… well this one is really only a ‘Hello’ to the fucker who thought it would be fun to hack my site…

To all those interested in doing the same thing here’s a few key details about Mental Illusion:

1: There’s no hidden section to this site, everything available in the menus is everything available
2: There are no additional downloads than the ones in the download section
3: Please don’t type random php? bits at the end in the hope of getting to some hidden section, it’s annoying and please see point 1.
4: There are no credit card or banking details held on the site, ref Point 1
5: Basically, there’s fuck all on this site.

And whilst I’m on the subject of things that annoy me… Whoever is pretending this site is their home page from please stop it.

Thanks for listening.

Cheers, Rob.


No news is good news… Hmmmm… Right… Just to bring you all up to date…
Real life tm has been a bit of a pain recently and it means I’ve little or no time to do any computer stuff, I’ve had to change jobs which has proved to be entertaining, but hey, I love meeting new people and there are certainly a couple of interesting characters there! And of course there’s been the good weather, so instead of sitting in a darkened room coded I’ve been going down the pub, sitting in the garden and drinking a cold beer.
Games wise not a lot has happened as quite frankly I’ve not had time to get to the computer (see above!). Alien Breed, carrier command and asteroids have all remained untouched over the past few months. My latest game is moving, but very slowly.
So that’s about it, largely uninteresting, however, I am still alive!

Cheers, Rob.


I’ve just started to dip my feet into the world of MySQL using PHP, all seems pretty straight forward really… Just got to rewrite the whole of the news section to use it now so that should keep me busy for an evening or so!


I feel like I should put a new News item on, not a lot to say, but for no good reason I feel I should share my life with the world…

Real life has caught up again… Trying to work more hours that sleep allows at the moment which isn’t a whole lot of fun.

Just started work on a new commercial project so Alien Breed is having to take a back seat to that as Alien Breed makes me no money! It sucks that everything is about money but when it comes down to it you have to pay the bills.

Hopefully on the next exciting installment of this news I’ll have something interesting to say! Until then…


Mike over at the Petulas 4 Favourite Things asked me to do a remix of one of his songs… So I did… You can download my remix of ‘Teenage Lesbian Vampire Nazis’ from the downloads section if you dare!