About me

My name is Rob Farley. I write music and games for fun! Hey, someone’s got to!

Mental Illusion is my forum for this where I basically try to show off. I have more ideas about games than I know what to do with, I try to get something set down at least. I’ve now had two titles published, check out the projects section for more on that.

I play Guitar, drums and keyboards, and sequence stuff up on Steinberg’s Cubase and use Sonic Foundry’s Acid to add vocal, guitar and sound fx tracks. There are a couple of tunes in the downloads section including a couple of remixes of a band I used to play in.

I now live in Norwich UK. I moved here after I got made redundant and thought we could start fresh here, everything (so far) has turned out nice!

Professionally I’m primarily an IT bod, however, I’m a general problem solver not just computer related, that said I can also strip and re-build a computer both hardware and software.

This website is 100% my own creation, all graphics and design is by yours truly. I tend to dabble with this sort of thing too.

If you want a website designed and built, or indeed if you want a 3D model, or some textures, give me a shout! I’ll work for mates rates so if there’s anything you need that you think I might be able to provide give me a shout.

You can download my professional CV Here please contact me for further information if required.

Everything on this site is provided at my own cost. Keeping a site running costs money and writing applications takes time. If you think my work is worth something please donate a couple of quid if you can spare it using the button below. Every little bit helps 🙂